Segregated Funds

Investing ProtectionSegregated Funds provide an assured Investment Alternative for individuals and corporations wishing their capital guaranteed ie. investing protection.

The investment may have a 75% or 100% of the Capital Guaranteed, at a maturity term of; 10 or 15 years.  The capital is further 100% Guaranteed at the death of the plan annuitant.  The plans may be “creditor resistant”, subject to how the contract has been established. To learn more, contact us .

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC’s)

Guaranteed Investment Certificates offer principal protection and guarantee the rate of return for the term of the investment. GICs are a very conservative investment vehicle that provide the least risk. GICs provide investors with a fixed rate of interest over a specified investment term, usually one to five years.

Investing Protection

L.I.K. & Associates., offers our clients the widest range of competitive GIC rates; available from a large variety of banks and investment institutions throughout Canada.  L.I.K. & Associates has the ability to “shop” all the financial institutions to provide the “highest” possible interest rate at any given moment. For current GIC top rates please contact us.