When it comes to insurance, it’s hard to know how much coverage to have, which type of insurance and which Insurance Carrier to choose. At L.I.K. & Associates we can help you make the right decisions by assessing your needs and financial obligations to your family or business. We can help you accumulate wealth on a Tax Deferred Basis.Insurance

Insurance is designed to meet individual protection needs such as Income Replacement, Mortgage and Debt Coverage, Final Expenses and to provide Funds for Children’s Education. As well it is ideal for funding Buy-Sell agreements, covering key person and insuring collateral to ensure business continuation.

Insurance is for the living, it replaces the income lost, offsets  debt…


Our Insurance Process

Insurance advisor

Step One: Introductory Discussion

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES: We initially meet with you. It is an opportunity to exchange information about your needs and objectives, to further discuss our services and philosophies.  This meeting will allow us to form a picture of your financial goals and aspirations. You should have all your existing documents, Investment statements, life plus concerns available.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES:  At this meeting we will answer any questions you have about the process, listen to your concerns and goals as they relate to your financial life, and begin to gather the information necessary to analyze your situation.

Step Two
: Data Gathering and Initial Preparation

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES:  After receiving your information, we will begin to review and develop a finalized custom plan.  We will analyze your current situation, your attitude to investment (risk verses return), asset protection and identify any shortfalls in your current arrangements in terms of meeting your goals and needs. We will prepare an initial report that will be used to discuss your plan for the next meeting.

You will need to gather the requested data.  This information will be needed to be provided to us prior to your next meeting.

Step Three:
Analysis and Plan Formulation

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES: We will now review your financial information, which we have gathered; with the objective to provide various plan scenarios.  From this we conclude our research and provide recommendations and an action for your specific situation.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: The ball is in our court.  All you have to do at this point is to wait until your next scheduled meeting with us.

Step Four:
Presentation of your Financial Plan

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES: We meet with you to review your personal financial plan with the specific recommendations. This includes realistic, affordable and logical recommendations to help you move forward to your goals – both now and in the long term. We will provide ongoing proactive assistance with the implementation of your personal plan.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: You are empowered with direct recommendations to put your financial plan in place.  We will help you to further assist you in implementing your plan.

Step Five:

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES: Periodic updated meetings and reviews are essential to maintaining strong fiscal health.  We will pro-actively schedule these periodic meetings with you at an appropriate schedule. We will also continuously review your accounts and will contact you at the spur of the moment. We are committed to keeping your plan on track.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: CONGRATULATIONS!  You are on the right path to reaching your Financial goals. Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Proper implementation of a financial plan and periodic reviews are crucial to reaching your financial targets.  We urge prompt attention.  It is about your financial future. It is about your most important Financial asset!  You and the value you bring to your family or legacy.