Focus on Mutual Funds

Talking with your children about money ranks right up there with the birds and the bees for discomfort level. The fidgeting. The “deer in the headlights” expression. The awkward questions. And that’s just you!

But like most important lessons, starting the conversation early and revisiting it often is the best way to give your kids a lifelong respect for saving and investing.

Striking a chord

One of the best ways to reach young adults is to make the conversation relevant to the audience. And we have just the ticket to engage your fiscal apprentices: mutual funds that focus on socially responsible investing (SRI) funds. While these funds offer a rich tapestry of opportunity for all investors, they may be even more resonant for younger people.

SRI funds play to the idealistic social conscience of the younger generation. In some ways, these investments are more than just mutual funds. They’re quite literally a way to channel money directly into ventures that matter, that make a difference, including clean energy and water initiatives, carbon capture and offsets, human rights, and micro financing.

Call in the experts

We would be pleased to partner with you and your youngsters to look at some wealth-building strategies suitable to their short- and longer-term goals, including SRI funds. After all, parents often enlist professional help to teach their kids how to drive, ski, or play a musical instrument, so why not leave their investment education to the experts?