Don’t sell me clothes.  Sell me neat appearances, style, attractiveness.

Don’t sell me shoes. Sell me foot comfort and the pleasure of walking in the open air.

Don’t sell me candy.  Sell me happiness and pleasure of taste.

Don’t sell me furniture.  Sell me a home that has comfort, cleanliness and convenience.

Don’t sell me books
.  Sell me pleasant hours and the profit of knowledge.

Don’t sell me toys. Sell me play things to make my children happy.

Don’t sell me tools. Sell me the pleasure and profit of making fine things.

Don’t sell me refrigerators. Sell me the health and better flavour of fresh foods.

Don’t sell me tires. Sell me freedom from worry and low cost per mile.

Don’t sell me plows. Sell me green fields of waving wheat.

Don’t sell me things. Sell me ideas, feelings, self respect, home life, happiness, things that take care of my family. Please don’t sell me things.

sell me things