Valuing Excellence

  • Continuously developing and enhancing our associates’ knowledge. Offering a strong pro-active service and keeping up to date with all new product offerings.
  • Focused on opportunities for our clients where we will have the passion and expertise to deliver outstanding value and service.
  • Committed to a relentless pursuit of the best overall solutions with the utmost of sincerity and value for our clients.

The L.I.K. Team

  • We place a strong value on working together sharing all our information and resources.
  • Collectively committed to relentlessly provide our clients with ongoing pro-active accurate advice.
  • Build the L.I.K. Team with a diversity of expertise to yield better specific solutions to the clients’ situation.
  • Continually advancing, and updating to provide knowledgeable financial advice and direction to our clients.

Valuing Integrity

  • Operating an ethical company with standards of honesty and accountability beyond reproach.
  • Forthright, fair and responsible in our dealing with our clients, associates and all others.
  • Ensuring the right approach is always taken based on your financial wishes.
  • Do the right thing – we tell the truth and take responsibility for all our actions, even when we make a mistake.
  • Sincere and to the point, permitting you 100% reliance on our advise.

Valuing People

  • Recognizing that employing, developing and supporting our associates is critical to the success in serving our clients.
  • Respect for others, our team, our clients, our peers, by treating them the way they would like to be treated.
  • Appreciate the importance of family and the imperative aspect of being a responsible member of one’s family financial picture.

Right Client Values

  • Guiding our clients in the correct financial direction based on their true financial situation. We strive to do what is in the best interest of our clients and or perspective clients.
  • Caring about our clients, beyond the purchase of any service or product.

Right Attitude

  • We care about your business, family and your financial well being. We provide the right building blocks to support a strong financial future.

Client Focus!
It’s what we do that defines us!
To do the right thing for our clients always!